It’s been quite a while since our North American shop has received an update due to a number of things going on behind the scenes, but we’re happy to announced that things are up & running again and we’ll be operating at full steam moving forward!

There are a few changes & updates to mention in this of course, so without further ado:

US Standard Sizing
Something we’ve been working on for a while due to customer request has been creating a range of standard sized items for the US market. We’re still not 100% there, but some of the new items we have available are testing the waters. We have very limited stock of them to begin with, but if they prove successful we fully intend to add more products of this kind to our release schedule going forward!

Pre-Order inventory
As we start to figure out and develop our strategy more for the US market we will be making some items available on a pre-order only basis for a limited time. Sometimes it’s really hard for us to tell how well certain styles & items will do in the US based on a number of different factors, and we want to make sure we’re catering to our fans in the US as well as possible! Many of our items are made in limited quantities and sell out very quickly, but we want to make sure we can bring enough over to more readily satisfy demand.

Free shipping on orders $100+
In addition to shipping from within the US, we’ll be offering free priority shipping on all orders over $100 moving forward!

There are still a number of other things being worked on at the moment, but we hope to have announcement soon! We love all of our fans everywhere, and we appreciate your support and patience while we get the ball rolling in such a massive new market for us. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime at!

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